It’s all my fault.

I am to blame for the Dodgers’ poor performance in 2010.

You can’t blame the ownership drama, the poor trades, or the slumping superstars. You can’t even blame Eric Collins, who has some serious numbers to support him being a MASSIVE jinx. No, the team’s struggles can all be traced back to me and one simple mistake I made on June 11th, 2010. I jinxed the Dodgers and I think I have the data to prove it.

First, some background: In the period from the home opener on April 13th to June 9th, I attended six Dodger home games. The Dodgers won all six of them. The team’s record at the end of the day on June 9th was 36-24, twelve games over .500. In fact, their record in May, the month when I attended three of those six games, was a stunning 20-8. Clearly, I was some sort of lucky charm. Just look at the numbers!

Then, on June 11th, I attended my seventh Dodgers home game of the 2010 season. On that fateful night, the Dodgers were obliterated by the Angels, the Dodgers’ hated rivals (or, at least that’s what the Angels radio guys keep telling me), by a score of 10-1.

So, what changed? Why had my luck run out? Well, unlike the other six games, I was late to this game. I didn’t arrive until midway through the bottom of the first inning. This is a source of great shame for me, as I normally strive to break the L.A. fan stereotype of “arrive late, leave early.” Hey, I have a kid now. I had just gotten out of work. There were things that needed doing and I would get to the ballpark when I could. Even though I wasn’t proud of running late, at the time I figured it was no big deal.

Well, it is a big deal. You see, as of this writing, that was the last game I have been able to attend in person this season. Like I said, I have a kid now. I have responsibilities. I can’t always get to a game when I want to. (Not to mention the fact that Frank McCourt’s actions as owner don’t exactly inspire me to drop perfectly good diaper money on overpriced tickets, parking, and food.)

So, not only did my tardiness jinx that one terrible game, it also has cast a shadow over the team’s performance ever since. The Dodgers’ record from June 11th-August 5th is a pitiful 20-29, and it’s all because I haven’t been able to go back and break up the bad juju.

Thankfully, I have a chance to help them turn things around this Sunday. I was given some free tickets in a very swanky section of the park. So, I can show up nice and early, break the jinx, and, as an added bonus, eat my weight in the free food so I can pick our stingy owner’s pockets a little.

Go Blue! I’m so sorry I let you down.

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2 Responses to It’s all my fault.

  1. Dusty Baker says:

    Wait, I hope I’m not part of the jinx since I attended that game with you.

    Now I’m worried.

  2. 36-game on base streak for Andre!

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